Thursday, July 9, 2009

How to De-Clutter

Are you tired of seeing toys, books, stuffed animals, CD's, movies, or any of your children's thing scattered all over the place? Having a de-cluttered space helps put the mind at ease and creates a more relaxing environment.

If you are having trouble finding a starting place then here are some ideas. Bins, baskets, buckets, and toy chests are great solutions for hiding things. If you have a wall unit or book shelf
then choose your bin size accordingly. If you do not have a book shelf or wall unit then you can either purchase one at your local store or make it a project. Purchase some wood at your local home improvement store and build some shelves. You can make them as short or tall as you like and choose a neutral or fun color to paint them. Pick a bin that is just under the height of the opening -- by doing this you are able to hide your things with minimal sight of what's inside. If you choose a short bin and your shelf opening is tall then you are able to see all the bins contents --which does not completely solve the problem of hiding the clutter.

If you do not want to put your bins on a shelf then be creative when finding places for them. Perhaps place them under a coffee table, end table or put them next to a sofa or chair. Use your creativity and incorporate your storage solutions into your room design.

Lastly, select some fun bins and fill your shelves or space with them.

If you have little ones then storage bins are wonderful for teaching them where all their toys, games, stuffed animals, and so on are placed when they are done with play time.

Have questions about picking out storage bins, where to place them, how many to use? Just ask us!

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